Jan 30, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Websites for a Rainy Day

If you all are like me you've spent the majority of this rainy day either in your bed or wishing you were in it.  After my three classes this morning, you best believe I ran home, grabbed my third cup of coffee for the day and headed straight to my room to catch afternoon Sex & the City reruns.  I thought I might help you all cure any boredom that's resulted from this long day inside by sharing some of my favorite websites!

Possibly my favorite blog right now.  She gives great, honest reviews and always manages to do it with a little humor.  Love it!

xoJane's Beauty column offers a compilation of articles, written by a gaggle of authors, with a funny and/or sarcastic twist.  For example, I just read one titled "The Secret To My Super Sick Ass Signature Red Lip".  This website is the anti-clich√© beauty blog.  

I just discovered this website today and my mind is BLOWN!  A whole website dedicated to cult beauty products? Sign me up!  Unfortunately this is a UK website, so I won't be ordering anything any time soon, but I love looking at all the unique products. 

This blog is the perfect mixture of pop culture, intelligence, and beauty.  They've done everything from exploring New York's Aire Ancient Bath's to interviews with Laura Mercier (!!!).  I wouldn't recommend this one if you don't have at least 20 minutes.  Their articles are too clever to be skimmed!

Any websites you might like to contribute?

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  1. Vivianna Does Makeup is my all time favorite blog! Reading all of her posts is what inspired me to start my own blog!


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