Nov 3, 2012

TLC and BB Creams

This weekend, after two nights of partying in lieu of friends' birthdays this week, seemed like the perfect opportunity to come home and sit around while doing nothing but eating and watching SVU reruns.  Also, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a blog entry, which are few and far between these days due to my hectic schedule.  This same hectic schedule is what inspires me to write about my newest beauty find (more like sampling, simply because plenty of people have already found it... and LOVE IT).  In the mornings before classes my routine usually consists of little more than washing my face, sprinkling baby powder in my hair, brushing it out, brushing my teeth, and throwing on my nearest yoga pants and grabbing some coffee.  For quite some time now I've been trying to find the perfect multitasking product that will tone down my morning zombie skin, provide protection, and take no more than two minutes to apply.  I have found all of this and more in Bobbi Brown's BB Cream SPF 35 PA+++.  I am not entirely sure on the full meaning of the "PA+++", but I'm pretty sure it means awesome broad spectrum sun protection in some foreign language.

I am currently just on Day Two of using this product, but it really has gone above and beyond anything I expected from a BB Cream.  To give you a little background, my skin is oily with the occasional blemish, but I have managed to keep it pretty clear these days.  I have been applying this BB cream in the morning, topping it off with some blush and adding eyeliner and mascara.  It's obviously not a full coverage product, but it really does cover minor blemishes and discoloration well and its staying power is pretty impressive.  Also, for those concerned, it moisturizes pretty well without feeling greasy.  Mind you, I have very oily skin so those of you with dryer skin may want to bolster your moisture with another moisturizer underneath.  I would definitely recommend heading to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter to pick up a sample before buying, especially at $42 a pop!  What are your opinions on BB Creams?  Have you found a new multi-tasking product that you adore?

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