Nov 18, 2012

The Best Lipgloss Ever and a French Press

French that supposed to be one word?  Well, regardless of how you spell it, mine is broken.  I am a caffeine addict and caffeine addicts need good, strong coffee.  While the coffee in the sorority house is strong, it is often burnt, simply because it is made early in the morning then left on the burner for hours.  After one too many cups of burnt coffee, I caved and brought my French press back from home... or at least tried to.  As soon as I got back to Lexington, I was unloading my weekend bags from the backseat and out tumbled my little coffee press, and the glass shattered everywhere.  I suppose this means back to burnt coffee, or selling my soul to Starbucks, until I can find some replacement glass.  I'm fine with it, but ugh, what luck!

  Anyways, enough coffee talk, let's get to the lipgloss.  I almost always opt for a more natural lip, as I usually find bright colors to be overwhelming on my small lips;  however, during this particular trip to Sephora, I decided to step outside of the box.  I am so glad I did!  This is a Sephora brand gloss in The Red- Shiny.  I bought this right before a trip to Ohio with some girlfriends and this lipgloss got some serious mileage.  Everyone loved the color and I let everyone borrow it , which may gross some people out, but at least I know these people.  One girl affectionately referred to it as "The Senator's Wife Red".  She has a thing for politicians, and her own tube of this lipgloss, now.  With one application, this goes on as a sheer hot pink, but layered, it becomes a gorgeous bright red.  The staying power is not better or worse than your average lipgloss, but with the curvy, lip-contour shaped wand, re-applying is no problem at all.  I hardly rave about lipgloss, but this particular product deserves it.  As an added bonus, it only set me back about $14.  Everyone should have this lipgloss, in my opinion!

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