Nov 5, 2012

Presidential Perfection: Products That Have My Vote!

In lieu of the Presidential Election taking place tomorrow I figured I could talk a little politics... cosmetic politics!  Out of all the beauty product contenders vying for my support only a few have made the cut, and thus have become an integral part of my beauty routine.  Here are the lucky elected members of my beauty cabinet (sorry for the bad puns, but I cannot resist)!

1. Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily
-This product has all but reached cult classic status in the North American beauty world and I could not resist but to try it out about a year ago.  For a girl who samples a new foundation once a month, the fact that this product has stuck around for a whole year really says something! It keeps the oilies away, is college-student-budget friendly, and doesn't break me out... what more could a girl want?

2. Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Wash
- I was appalled to discover the Purpose face wash I had been faithfully using for years had almost identical ingredients to a product that costs half as much and smells better (something like childhood)... Good ol' Johnson's.

3. Merle Norman Age Defying Eyeliner in Coffee Bean
- My grandmother introduced me to this eyeliner a while back and I was pleasantly surprised.  I'm not sure how much "age defying" it actually does, I suppose we will know within the next twenty years; however, its dark brown, almost black color matches everything and wears steadily for hours!

4. Lancome Hypnose
-This is a fairly new arrival into my beauty routine.  I have been a faithful user of Maybelline Great Big Lash mascara for a few years, but finally decided I would try out a big girl mascara... something a little more expensive with a sexy tube (sucker for packaging right here).  This stays on perfectly for hours and does an awesome job of thickening your lashes without clumping.   Sorry for the cliche mascara description, but it is actually true for this one.

5. Cerave Moisturizing Lotion
-I stole this from my mom a fews years back and have been hooked ever since.  This bottle is pretty old as you can tell.  Plus, I use it in the shower so the logo is a little worn.  It's perfect for face AND body.  Who doesn't love a product that can multi-task?

6. Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer
- I am honestly a sucker for a little shimmer and this bronzer gives me exactly what I want.  It's the perfect balance of color and shimmer without being overbearing!

7.  Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo
-This shampoo is another great little multi-tasker.  It cleans all of the product residue out of your hair and will do the same thing for your makeup brushes.  Mix this shampoo in a cup with warm water, swirl the brushes in it, rinse, and repeat until the water from the brushes runs clear.  Then lay them on a towel to dry.  Your skin will thank you for the clean brushes later!

8.  MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Warm Soul (Not Pictured Above)
This blush...I could rave about this blush for days.  I'll keep it short and sweet, though.  It is glowy, not glittery, with coloring similar to that which you might have after walking out into the cold.  It is perfect and the glow is surprisingly natural looking.  Everyone should own this blush!

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