Nov 12, 2012

When the Going Gets Rough, Exfoliate EVERYTHING

Today is one of those days that almost requires you to curl up in your bed with a cup of tea, a book, and Sex and the City reruns and just shudder at the thought of even attempting to go outside.  However, being the good student I am, I woke up this morning and went to EVERY SINGLE ONE of my classes (hear that, Mom?!).  I've never felt more proud or exhausted.  Anyways,  just because I went to my classes doesn't mean that I did anything to improve my appearance before doing so.  I didn't even use baby powder in my hair and that's rock bottom for me.  I mean what's the point?  It's forty-five degrees, rainy, and no one can honestly recognize me with my rain coat hood cinched tightly around my face anyways.  Needless to say, after spending a while outside walking between classes, I really felt gross.  Nothing can get rid of that dreary, rainy-day appearance quite like exfoliation.  And I mean a lot of exfoliation.  Below are three of my favorite exfoliants for lips, face and body.

It's kind of hard to see what this is in the picture above, but it is the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish.  I got this as a gift and originally thought it was pointless, but it has been perfect for my chapped lips during cold weather.  I just put a little on the tip of my finger and rub it across my lips then wipe it off with a wash cloth.  It makes lipgloss and lipstick application go a lot smoother.  Love it!

This Sephora brand body scrub is just your average body scrub, but it smells like vanilla and was only $10.  I do love that it's in a tube.  I've always found that body scrubs in jars are kind of miserable to use and often run out faster.  It's perfect to use before shaving or if you just want a little in-shower pick-me-up.  Though this isn't the most exclusive or luxurious of body scrub options, it works really well and smells amazing.

I have a love/hate relationship with drugstore facial scrubs.  I usually just opt for a washcloth with my normal cleanser or this little silicone scrublet I bought for $5 at Sephora, but when I saw St. Ives Green Tea Scrub, I was intrigued.  I'm almost to the end of the tube with this one and I really like it.  It's packed with tiny little scrubbing particles that remove dead skin effectively without being too harsh.  It also contains one percent salicylic acid for a little extra chemical exfoliation.  I would recommend using this no more than three times a week, especially to those of you with sensitive skin.  Over exfoliation can cause premature aging, or so I've heard.  Better safe than sorry!

Enjoy this rainy day and use it as time to pamper yourself.  That's what I will be doing!


  1. Where did you buy the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish?? I've been looking everywhere and can't find it?

  2. My friend got mine at Kitson, I believe. However, I am pretty sure you can find it at Sephora. I love mine, though it's a tad overpriced if you ask me!


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