Dec 5, 2012

Be Stressed... But Don't Look Like It

Hey, everyone!  I am writing in my friends' living room, so unfortunately I have no pictures to include with this post, besides what I've found on the internet.  All photo credits will be listed at the bottom.  But enough with all of the technicalities.  Let's cut to the chase.  This week has been as miserable as predicted, with tests and papers galore.  While my sleep schedule isn't totally off kilter just yet, it has taken a serious hit.  I can always be found with a cup of coffee in my hand, and it more than likely will contain an extra shot of espresso.  I am so stressed and have the under eye circles and spots to prove it.  Why, oh why, does your skin create more problems for you when school already has you going crazy?  We may never know, but what I do know is that during this week (Dead Week) and Exam Week, which is next week, concealer is going to be my BEST FRIEND.  I'd prefer to look like an overly contoured Kardashian than a zombie; so if you see a girl walking around with too much concealer on it's me and I'm not ashamed.  I have one concealer that I consider to be my absolute Holy Grail and then a few more which are on my never-ending Makeup Wish List that I am going to talk about here tonight, so let's get to it!

Oh, sweet MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, what would I ever do without you?  This concealer could camouflage an entire army.  It's also extremely long lasting and does not break me out.  These two qualities are something I look for in every makeup item I purchase.  My only complaint is the pump which usually dispenses more than I'd like.  Other than that, I am in love with this product!
Bobbi Brown has yet to do me wrong, so I bet her corrector is amazing.  After all, it rates a 4.1 out of 5 on MakeupAlley, which is a pretty hard to accomplish.  Like all of her products, the color range of the corrector is extensive, offering good options for almost any skin tone.  One thing I did not kow is that when looking for an under eye concealer look for a shade a little darker and warmer than your regular skin tone.  Many people, including myself, think that lighter concealers are best at counteracting dark circles, when they only really highlight them (see here).  Just some food for thought.
   Like the Bobbi Brown Corrector, this concealer also rates very high on MakeupAlley with a 4.2 out of 5.  I think I would prefer this concealer for covering spots rather than under eye circles, as the formula isn't as creamy as that of the Bobbi Brown Corrector.  I don't mind creamy under eye makeup, but I prefer matte formulas for any other areas on my face.  This formula is described by Sephora as "an ultra long-lasting, matte finish, oil-free, waterproof, full coverage concealer".  I'm sold!

Unfortunately my exams are not on makeup, so I think it's about time I get back to my studies!  Best of luck to those of you out there who also have exams.  Posts may be sporadic for the next few days, but hopefully I'll be getting a plethora of new beauty products over break to tell you all about.  I can't wait!

*Photo Credits*
Pro Longwear Concealer

Bobbi Brown Corrector

MUFE Full Cover

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