Dec 2, 2012

Weekend Ramblings: Son of a Peach!

This morning when I went outside, it was very warm and un-December-like.  What's a girl to do when it's sixty degrees and sunny, but pull out one of her spring-time makeup favorites?  And that's exactly what I did!  Merle Norman's Sweet Apricot Blush is just perfect, in my opinion.  It's a true peachy-coral without any frills.  No glitter, shimmer, or glow and while I am typically a shimmer enthusiast, sometimes it's nice to get back to the basics.  After playing around with such dramatic lip colors this weekend (see here), I wanted my Sunday makeup to be simple.  This color looks lovely coupled with some brown eyeliner that's been slightly smudged (it makes you seem less "done up") and a nice light pink or coral lipgloss.  I hope we have a few more of these warm weather days so I can keep wearing makeup that's totally inappropriate for winter! I do love my peaches and corals!
It's very sheer and perfect for a low-maintenance look.

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