Dec 19, 2012

Rise and Shine, Sleepyheads!

   In order to successfully write this morning-themed post, I decided that I would have to wake up bright and early to make it feel genuine.  As I sit here squinting lazily at my computer screen, the only thing keeping me awake is my cup of coffee.  And while this post will focus on coffee, it won't be focused so much on drinking it, but rather on using it as a facial scrub!

    I discovered this whole coffee-as-skincare thing when I found two girls at my sorority house creating a mask out of honey and coffee grounds in order to reduce puffiness after a night of partying.  I haven't been doing much partying this break, but I haven't been doing much sleeping either, so I figured a caffeinated scrub would work wonders on my tired skin.  Thankfully, I was right!

What to do:

1.  For the sake of recycling, it is best to use coffee grounds that have already been brewed.  I also believe that the caffeine maybe be activated more so in previously brewed grounds than in dry grounds.  However, if you aren't much of a coffee drinker, or don't feel like brewing a pot, then dry grounds will do just fine.

2. Take the grounds to your sink and apply them to your skin, as you would any other
facial scrub.  Use a lighter hand if your skin is sensitive, as usual.

3.  Rinse your face and pat dry!

    As you can see, this is a super simple DIY facial scrub.  Coffee can also be used as a body scrub by mixing it with olive oil, or you can turn it in to a facial mask.  Add organic Greek yogurt and lemon juice if you are looking to lighten scars or honey to moisturize and cleanse.  This is probably my favorite DIY so far.  Give it a try!

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