Dec 1, 2012

Weekend Ramblings: A Lip Combo to Ensure a Fun Weekend

This weekend is a special one.  It's the last weekend before Dead Week and then Finals Hell, making it the last weekend where fun is allowed until Christmas Break (or Winter Break, for those of you who prefer to be politically correct).  Dead Week is supposedly this week where teachers don't give you anything to do besides study for exams.  The only problem is, is that the teachers at my school were not notified that this is what Dead Week is for.  Our Dead Week is more like Wish You Were Dead Week, but whatever, I am going to make the best of it!  And by make the best of it, I mean make this weekend count and then drown myself in coffee.  Since this weekend has to be fun, I needed to come up with a lip combo that was equally exciting.  A combo that says "Hey, let's have fun while remaining classy and sophisticated!".  I came across Revlon's Raisin Rage while browsing through Target's makeup section about a month ago.  I was a bit disappointed when trying it on for the first time, simply because it was so dramatic for my taste.  It's been languishing in my makeup caddy for the past month, but last night I thought I would try it on.  It turns out that it was exactly what my outfit needed and with a little bit of clear gloss over it, it was perfect!

The top swatch is layered with gloss and the bottom swatch is only lipstick.

This particular red is very deep and perfect for this time of year when darker lips are in.  The clear lipgloss I've been using over it is L'Oréal Paris' Colour Riche le Gloss in Naturally Nude.  It smells really sweet, a little like marshmallows.  I am not particularly thrilled with this formula.  It gives my lips a weird tingle for the first few minutes after I've put it on, but that is probably just me.  However, once the tingle subsides, it does its job by providing some nice shine! Now I'm going to go get ready for the day and pretend like the next two weeks aren't approaching so quickly.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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