Dec 6, 2012

If You Can't Buy 'Em, Sample 'Em!, Part 1

It's so beautiful, right?
    It's official... this Sephora Spending Ban is driving me crazy.  Last night, I actually dreamed about buying Yves Saint Laurent's Le Teint Touche Éclat.  I don't know what exactly inspired this dream, but it's got to be some combination of sleep deprivation and serious self control.  Anyways, I did go to Sephora today, but I did not actually buy anything (gasp!).  Instead I picked up a sample of the YSL foundation, which will be the first of many samples until my Sephora Spending Ban ends.  I think I will write a series of articles based on my sampling experiences.  It could be a good way to keep the weird makeup dreams away, but only time will tell!  Let's get to the review, though.  Shall we?
    Well, upon first impression (and by first impression, I mean "while sampling it on the back of my hand in Sephora") I noticed its slippery/ silicone-like feel.  It also has a slightly cucumber-like scent which could be bothersome to some people.  After using it on my face for the first time,  I can't say that I'm a huge fan.  It's a little too sheer for my taste, but that is completely a personal preference.  This foundation dries down to a very natural, radiant finish.  Steer clear of this one if you're looking for an extremely matte formula. I do like the finish, but I think this would be solely a winter foundation for me.  Matte foundations are absolutely essential for me during all other seasons as my face tends to get oily at even the thought of warmth or humidity.  I cannot attest to its wearibility just yet as I haven't worn it for an extended period of time, but I will report back after I've spent a few more hours with a full face on.  For now, I think I'll pass on purchasing this one, especially at $55 a bottle.  Those of you with dry to normal skin may want to give it a go, though!

*Update:  I wore this foundation for a solid five hours.  While this may not seem long enough for some of you, I can always tell within the two hour mark whether or not a foundation is going to work out for me.  This one held up surprisingly well on my oily skin; however, it did seem to settle in my pores a bit.   But like I said, I think this foundation would be wonderful for those of you with dry to normal skin.

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