Jan 4, 2013

Beauty Resolutions 2013

    What was once a beautiful, energetic day on the beach has now turned in to a lovely, lazy night in, spent doing puzzles and watching Harry Potter.  I figured now would be the perfect time to jot down my beauty resolutions for this new year.  With witnesses, perhaps I can be held to these resolutions for once in my life!

More Sleep:  I am QUEEN of the erratic sleep schedule, especially during the school year.  I know both my physical and mental health could benefit from a solid eight hours each night... much easier said than done.

Master the Cat Eye (or some other artsy form using liquid liner):  I don't have a steady hand.  Mix that with gel or liquid eye liner and it can be a real disaster.  They do say, however, that practice makes perfect so if you see me walking around, looking like a deranged feline, it's fine.  I'm just practicing a new look.  

Learn to Contour:  It's been doing great things for cheek bones for decades and I wasn't even aware of it until this year.  I need to jump on this bandwagon!

Read More Books:  This is not actually a "beauty" resolution per say, but I was inspired to read more after getting my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.  I need to pick up a copy of her Pretty Powerful.  Before you know it, I should be reading Anna Karenina and other such novels... but, baby steps.

Take My Time  with Makeup Removal:  I've recently been introduced to cleansing waters and the Clarisonic.  I love spending a good amount of time on my nightly routine now as opposed to the five minutes I used to spend using only baby soap and face lotion.  I'd like to keep this up!

Buy an Expensive Eye Cream:  I don't think it will ever be too early to start forming some anti-aging habits.  I think this should be my first one.  So far I've only sampled Fresh's Black Tea Age Delay Eye Cream.  I think a few more Sephora samples are in order before I make any big purchases.

This post is a bit lengthy, but I wanted to cover everything in one fell swoop.  Do you have any Beauty Resolutions?  If so, what are they?


  1. All great things! I'll need to think of some to do, as well :)

  2. I need to master my cat eye as well, so don't worry. Although with some practice I am slightly, getting better... slightly. And before I buy something pricey I always head over to sephora to get a good amount of samples, just to make sure it's actually worth it.



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