Jan 27, 2013

Weekend Ramblings: Bronzer 101

Today... what about today?  I haven't got much for you all in the way of new beauty products, but I do have a pretty snazzy bronzer application technique.  I think everyone loves to look like they just spent a week at the beach, but I know many women (like myself) are skin cancer paranoid these days.  This is a suntan minus actual sun!

We've all made the mistake of over-bronzing at one point in our makeup lives.  Up until last year, I wore bronzer all over my face, every day.  Through my obsession of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube I learned that is not the way to go.  Here's How you do it:

1.  Find a bronzer that is about one to two shades darker than your own skin.  Ideally, the 
bronzer will be very natural.  Shimmery bronzers are fine for special occasions, but I've found that matte bronzers are best for daily use.
2.  Swirl your brush of choice in the bronzer, blowing off any excess.
3.  Trace a large "3" on your face hitting your forehead, cheekbone (I marked the cheekbone a little high on the diagram...whoops!), and chin. 
4.  Repeat on the other side of your face.  Also, don't forget the bridge of your nose!
5.  Voila!  You are perfectly bronzed!

Note:  I realize some people prefer to contour, using bronzer only below the cheek bones.  This is really a personal preference.  I've found that by putting it on your cheek bones, with a little below, you create a more natural look.  All the points of the "3" hit prominent features where you are most likely to tan in the sun.  
I've exaggerated the bronzer on the right so you can have a better idea of where
to place the bronzer!
Sephora Los Cabos Bronzer is gorgeous and so natural!
Sephora Los Cabos!
*Note: Face diagram courtesy of beautynewbie.com*

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