Jan 8, 2013

My Last Day in Mexico + What I Will Bring Next Time

  I'm sitting here this morning enjoying my last Mexican sunrise for the next few months and I am so sad to leave.  Unfortunately universities don't extend breaks for lazy girls who just don't want to  leave the beach.  I've been coming to Mexico for years now and learning what and how much to pack has been quite the trial and error process.  This trip I decided it would be best to make a list of things I should bring with me next time.

Cleanser with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide:  As you know, my skin does not agree with sunscreen or humidity, causing a few unwanted breakouts during my stay.  How's a girl supposed to look like a beach goddess when she's got spots all over her face?

Moroccan Oil or Some Form of Anti-Frizz Treatment:  My hair increases volume by 60% in humid weather, so on days when I wear my hair down, this would have been extremely helpful.

Body Scrub:   I've got a wonderful body scrub at home that my Dad bought for my sisters and I (review coming soon), but I forgot to bring it on my trip.  However, my friend Amy was kind enough to let me use her C.O. Bigelow Clementine Body Scrub.  It smells delicious and after a long day at the beach, a scrub is almost necessary to remove sand and leftover sunscreen.

Smith's Rosebud Salve:  This is another thing Amy brought along with her and I am obsessed with it. I used it on my lips, but it has multiple uses such as dry hands or cheeks.  Plus, it's not sticky so it won't get stuck in your beautiful beach hair!

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