Jan 17, 2013

The Girl's Got Style!

    The title of this post does not refer to me.  I can get fancy every now and then, but to say that I've got style is a bit of an overstatement.  The word style makes me think of women who have the ability to throw on a dress and red lipstick, all the while maintaining the same level of ease most women only feel when wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  How they do it, we may never know.  I am personally a huge fan of jeans, white shirts and down vests coupled with my Wallabees or brown riding boots.  I'm basic when it comes to clothing.  The "Style" to which I was referring is the MAC blush I bought last year.  I have used it maybe three times, including today.  I'm not sure why, though.  It's a gorgeous color!  Even though it is January, this warm salmon-tangerine color, which translates to a gorgeous golden-coral on the cheeks, adds a necessary pop of color in this dreary weather.  Does anyone think I'm hypocritical yet?  I'm always talking about weather appropriate colors.  I, however, do think that there is an exception (or a few) to every rule.  MAC's Style is my new favorite exception!

Do you have a favorite weather inappropriate color you find yourself using a lot during these winter months?

*Note:  I think this blush has been discontinued since I purchased it, but MAC has plenty of replacement options that are equally gorgeous!*

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