Jan 12, 2013

DIY: Tinted Lip Balms

    We all reach that point in a tube of lipstick where we can willfully acknowledge that we are over the color and probably won't be reaching for it very often anymore.  I've discovered a great way to re-purpose these old lipsticks by turning them into tinted lip balms!

What you'll need:
A small plastic container (old sample containers work amazingly!)
Old lip balm (Chapstick works great, but any solid lip balm in a tube will do)
Old lipstick
Something to mix the balms and lipsticks with.  I chose plastic spoons!

What to do:
1. Prepare a work surface, because things will get a little messy.
2.  Take your Chapstick and remove half of it from the tube.  Figure about half a tube per tinted lip balm.  
3.  Cut the Chapstick up and place it in your plastic container.
4.  Take your old lipstick and cut about half a centimeter off of the top (more or less, depending on how heavily pigmented you want your balm to be) and place it in the plastic container along with the Chapstick.
5.  Once you've got the lipstick and the Chapstick in the same container, heat them in the microwave at thirty second intervals, stirring them in between.  
6.  Once the mixture is completely melted stir them until they are completely blended.  You don't want visible chunks of lipstick and Chapstick!
7.  Finally, allow them to set for at least an hour.  Place them in your fridge to speed up the process.

Each lip balm is below the lipstick they originated from.  Pretty, huh?

 Now you have yourself a new tinted lip balm!  

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