Jan 1, 2013

Thank Goodness for Preparedness

In my last post I wrote about how I was heading to Mexico today.  At the time, that was the plan, but after a missed connection, my grandparents and I have had to reschedule our flight for the morning and rent a hotel room for the night.  I could really care less about the missed flights.  My grandparents and I have had a lovely day, enjoying lunch and just spending time together.  The main problem for me, as it probably is for any other cosmetics gurus, is the issue of face wash, moisturizer, makeup, etc.  The bulk of it is typically stored in luggage that's already been shipped to your final destination.  Enter my emergency travel cosmetics kit.  You will never catch me on a plane without this bad boy in my carry on.

    People probably think I am incredibly vain for storing all of these things in my carry on, but I can't be left with a greasy face overnight, only to get on a flight tomorrow morning wearing today's makeup.  Gross.  The top picture is a picture of a Merle Norman blush, eye liner, and a sample tinted moisturizer along with a Lancôme Doll Lashes mascara sample, and finally, a John Varvatos Artisan perfume sample.  The bottom picture shows my cleanser in the pink bottle, Lancôme cleansing water, witch hazel, Cerave moisturizing lotion, and a sample of Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Eye Cream (which I've loved, by the way).  Again, sorry for the terrible pics.  I'm working with an iPhone here.  Traveling is all about new experiences and what not, blah blah blah; but the only experience I don't mess around with is my face routine.

As you can see, samples are an integral part of this kit.  Even if you don't like the original sample in the container,  the bottles and jars can be washed out and used to store other products.  That's not necessarily the case here, but I have an old sample of Josie Maran Argan Oil that came in an adorable dropper bottle, perfect for travel size serums!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful January 1st, 2013!  Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be writing to you from Mexico!

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