Jan 20, 2013

Moroccanoil, Knockoff Edition

 Not too long ago I found myself writing a blog post on a disappointing generic product (read here), but I am back to report, and happily so, that not all knockoffs are worthless!  Before I can get to my main point, though, we've got to talk about one beauty trend that has actually managed to stay relevant for a few years.  This trend is argan oil.  Mediterranean women swear by the stuff for anti-aging, soft hair, broken legs, etc. and for good reason!  If any of you have seen Josie Maran, of Josie Maran Cosmetics, you know the rumors of anti-aging benefits are true.  The woman is 34 and  she looks 24.   I have yet to use argan products on my face, but so far I am loving it as haircare!  Moroccanoil was probably one of the first companies to bring argan oil to the attention of the American beauty market, selling it as a miracle hair product used to keep frizz away.  However, I've been pretty hesitant to spring for their 0.85 ounce bottle that costs about $17, so when I discovered this Light Moroccan Argan Oil by Organix for only $8, I obviously had to buy it.  I am so glad I did!  I run a pea sized amount through my wet hair before blow drying it.  It really cuts down on frizz and it seems to provide a little heat protection as well.  It smells fresh, but the scent wears off shortly after blow drying your hair.  Maybe one of these days I'll invest in the real deal, but until then I'd say this makes a pretty good replacement.  

What about you all?  Do you believe in product dupes? 

I love that they added "seductive" into the description.


  1. I absolutely love this stuff! I just can't get enough of it :)

  2. It's seriously awesome! And cheap too:)


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