Jan 28, 2013

If This YouTube Video Was a Beauty Product...

After this past weekend when my boyfriend and I watched "Pitch Perfect" I've become mildly obsessed with looking up different acapella covers on YouTube.  I came across this gem today and I've got to share.  It's just too good.  Big kudos to Pentatonix and their cover if "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!

For the beauty portion of this post, I've decided to include a few products that this video makes me think of.

NARS- R Rated
Photo Credit- Sephora
I might be off on this one, but few things make me think of thrift shops like bright, tacky colors.  NARS executes bright and tacky so tastefully with their shimmering chartreuse/cobalt combo.

Clinique Almost Powder SPF 15

Photo Credit- Sephora
My first department store foundation ever was Clinique, a tried and true brand.  Their powder foundation still comes in the classic marbled, mint green packaging.  This makes me think of an old blazer you might pick up at a second hand store: a little old school, even outdated maybe, but still looks great with the right outfit.  

What's your opinion on thrift shops and/or the Thrift Shop cover by Pentatonix?

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